Discovering L.A. through pictures

I just got back from my very short trip to Los Angeles, California, United States of America. I went there to meet up with my dad, who went to New York and then to L.A. It was a very short trip – I spent four days there -, but I feel like I did a lot.

The day I got there, I went to Troye Sivan’s concert!!! It was so so SO amazing. Maybe the best concert I’ve ever been to, no joke (not that I’ve been to too many). I was so close to the stage, I could see him perfectly, hear him – almost – perfectly (I was too close to the big stereos, so sometimes I would only hear the beat) and… FREAKING HALSEY WAS THERE AND SANG WITH HIM. Like, what are the odds that one of my favorite artists would be at one of my other favorite artists’ concert? ALMOST ZERO BUT IT HAPPENED. I will be posting concert footage in my YouTube channel some time soon 😉

But what I actually wanted to talk about was… Los Angeles. Not Troye’s concert (even though I could go on about it forever). For a while now, I’ve been building this aversion against L.A. and, if you ask me, I can’t really explain you why. It’s just not one of my favorite cities. But, don’t kill me yet, I feel like that is because I’ve never truly experienced Los Angeles, with a true Californian, so I didn’t have the chance to fall in love with it like people who live there do.

So, if you live in and/or love California, please let me know the good stuff to do there! This time, as I spent a very short amount of days there, I didn’t do much (specially because I spent half the time with my uncle/cousins that live there, but inside their houses). But, one day, me and my dad took the afternoon (which lead to the night) to just drive and take pictures around the city. This is the result (yes, I am wearing Troye’s concert t-shirt).









I might still have a little thing against Los Angeles, but I cannot deny: they have beautiful places – from walls to landscape – where one can’t not take a picture.


Top 5 (10, actually): Youtube Vloggers

Hello, internet! (10 points if you know where that’s from)

Today I wanted to show you my 5 favorite youtube vloggers. I’m not saying they are the best (they may be, Idk), but to me they are. They are my personal favorites, the ones I get most excited when they post a new video. And I made sure I categorize youtubers, because I’m subscribed for way too many of them.

So, here are the people responsible for most of my lack of social life (kidding… kind of) and most fun!

Warning: you may get addicted like I am.

1. Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

If you don’t know, I love everything british. Everything (maybe except tea…). And I love that irony-type humor. And Dan is/has both. He also has my name in a male version. I just love him and he’s amazing, I don’t know how to describe him. Here I’ll link his channel trailer and one of my favorite videos.

[youtube–ucraJWkY ] [youtube ]


2. Troye Sivan (troye)

This litte australian boy makes my day. Seriously, he’s just a genuine guy who makes fun of himself and whose dreams came true. He is just like you and me: internet addicts and he is not ashamed of that, lol. He started his youtube channel singing, but now he is a vlogger with occasionally singing videos. And he’s perfect.

[youtube ] [youtube ]


3. Tyler Oakley (tyleroakley)

This is the queen. He’s sassy, funny, cute, crazy, passionate, a diva, lovely and just… awesome. Tyler has no fear of being himself whatsoever and he’s an inspiration in a crazy way, lol. I just love him to death. Oh, and from his channel, you can discover a lot of youtubers, because Tyler is a collab whore. In the best way possible.

[youtube ]

Here with Troye: #troyler

[youtube ]


4. Jack and Finn Harries (jacksgap)

These cheeky twins will steal your heart and never return it. Other than being way too handsome, they are amazing people. They are funny and cute and they’re proud of how much they’ve achieved and they try use this “fame” to help others in need. They had more vlogs before, and now they look more like film-makers, but, yeah, whatever.

[youtube ] [youtube ]


5. Grace Helbig (graciehinabox or itsgrace)

The first girl on the list! I might be a little biased… but two of them are gay, so. Just kidding. Well, Grace. She is extremely funny and genuine. She does daily videos and, even so, her videos never get boring. And I think she looks amazing too, but that’s just a plus.

[youtube ] [youtube ]


6. Alfie Deyes (pointlessblog)

[youtube ]


7. Ryan Higa (nigahiga)

[youtube ]


8. Joe Sugg (thatcherjoe)

[youtube ]


9. Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, Jc Caylen, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley (our2ndlife)

Little explaining: this looks like one giant big cheat, lol, but this is actually a collab channel, but they have their own personal channels too. I’m just going to link one video with some of them together, but yeah.

[youtube ]


10. Zoe Sugg (zoella)

She’s only number 10 because she is a vlogger, but also a beauty guru and I don’t know, she does what she wants. Otherwise, she would be higher up this list because I love her. She is gorgeous, cute, funny and amazing. Seriously.

This is a video is a joke, pretending Tyler is her boyfriend (he’s openly gay). Her actual boyfriend is Alfie #zalfie.

[youtube ]


I thought I would be able to keep in 5 favorites, but… They are all just perfect!

Hope you liked this post and will have fun watching their videos.