Some of my little drawings #2

‘Ello, everyone!

I actually haven’t been drawing that much, which is very sad, but, well, here are some of them:

This was supposed to be Harry Styles lol but it doesn’t really look like him, I’m aware.
Zalfie without eyes because I can’t draw eyes, lol.
Voodoo Doll – 5 Seconds of Summer
Close As Strangers – 5 Seconds of Summer
Rejects – 5 Seconds of Summer


This is it for today, I hope you liked them! I occasionally post some over on my Instagram, so you should check it out 😉




I’m An Idealist


This is not a very pre-planned post. I just needed to talk about something with someone. That something is: I’m an idealist and that is messing with my mind.

I don’t “hook up” and with that I mean that I guard myself, I don’t make out with a boy without feeling something towards him. Because of that, I am a “lonely” girl (I don’t feel lonely at all, but I’m alone most of times – sad, but true story). Sometimes, that makes me disappointed with life, of course, because we, humans, always want to blame something or someone other than ourselves, but I also get mad at me. Why can’t I find someone? What am I doing wrong?

Part of me being guarded is due to believing in love. I like to be in love. Deeply, truly in love. Or, at least, the idea of that. I don’t want to “waste time” with someone I’m not going to be in love with.

But there’s another problem. I don’t want to wreck a friendship I have for falling in love with a boy friend. See the problem? I can’t be with someone I don’t know and/or have feelings for, but I also don’t want to develop feelings for someone I know. It’s a cicle I can’t get out from.

But the actual reason why I’m writing this: I started admiring a boy “from distance”, not as a joke, but for fun. I then started talking to him and telling my friends I had a “friend-crush” (desire to be friends with) on him. But I think I may have developed an actual crush.

And, if I did, I’m screwed. He is not for me. At least for what I want from “love”. Why do I have to have such a high expectation regarding love? I’m a fool.

Thank you for listening, really.



Some of my little drawings #1

Hi, people!

Today I wanted to show you some of the little drawings I do in my notebook. Most of them (I think only two don’t fit in this description) are song lyrics drawings, I guess you’d say.

Some of the pictures are in a weird angle or bad lighting, but let’s ignore that, please.

I hope you like them.





From Frozen ❤
Also from Frozen, these are some lyrics from Let It Go
The picture cut off, but it’s written: Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?


The Killers – Mr. Brightside
I don’t seem to be able to do a nice drawing of this song. This one is a little better, but my eyelashes ruined everything 😦


This was kind of a random post, but I hope you enjoyed it either way.

Oh, I don’t know much about these copyrighted things and all that, but please don’t copy or anything without credits?

If you’re a fan, you can see that I drew the naked woman (weird to say this) from the Arctic Monkeys music video, so it’s not my creation. Neither is the Elsa drawing, because I drew it based on another drawing I saw on Google. And also the Doctor Who logo, of course.

See you later,