April & May Favorites 2014

Oh, my freaking God, it’s been a week!

Hello, everybody! I feel like I owe you an explanation. I’m going through my finals, so it’s been chaotic. I also had three projects due to this week – and I have one more. So sorry for leaving you guys, but I’ll be back and it’ll be amazing! School starts again in August, so we’ll have plenty of time!

Today I’m going to share my few favorites for April and May. They are a few only because I’m just starting to get used to write down my favorites for the blog. Bear with me, please.


IMG_8773This Elseve Total Repair 5+ conditioner is amazing. I’m not one that usually sees the difference that the products make, but I’ve easily seen this one’s. It makes my hair incredibly soft.


IMG_8775This book! I’ve read it after Goodreads and my friend recommended it to me. It made me wept and feel a lot of things. It is such an easy reading book, but it also touches you, do you know what I mean? It is about a boy who has a deformity in his face and, for the first time, he’s going to school. This narrates his experiences and the experiences of those who are affected by him. This book is beautiful and I strongly recommend it.

I’ve also read and loved Anna and the French Kiss. Yes, I know, the title is kind of awful, but the story is amazing! I really loved this book. It is about a girl whose dad makes her go to Paris to study. She leaves everything behind, but she meets Étienne St. Clair, a british-american-french-perfect-beautiful-cute boy. And then… You have to read it.


Music wise, I’ve been in love with 5 Seconds of Summer, as I’ve stated here. I’m so excited for their album coming out really really soon! I suggest you become part of the 5SOS fam soon! They are amazing ❤


I’ve been playing QuizUp a lot. I’m not one who plays a lot of games in their phone, but this one got me. I love playing it when I’ve nothing to do (not my current state, but). It has a bunch (literally, a bunch) of categories with quizzes. You play them against random people around the word, win, lose, level up and all that jazz.


IMG_8771My dad brought this lamp from Turkey and I’m in love! It is completely gorgeous. Everything was handmade and, ugh, so pretty.


This is it for my favorites, hope you enjoyed this post.




Listen: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Hello hello everyone!

Long time no see! Not actually, but I had a lot of pre-written posts, so it’s been a while since I sit down and write something for you.

Today I’m sharing with you my “new” addiction: 5 Seconds Of Summer.

I’ve been a fan for more than half a year at least, I don’t really remember, but I’ve recently been absolutely loving them. It has nothing to do with the fact that I miss One Direction in Brazil and need another amazing band to cure my pain – cough cough.

Anyways, they are amazing and I want to let you know about them.5 Seconds Of Summer is an australian band, formed by four guys.

From left to right: Michael Clifford, 18 (guitar), Calum Hood, 18 (bass), Ashton Irwin, 19 (drums) and Luke Hemmings, 17 (lead vocals and guitar).

They’ve gone to the same school and started by posting videos on YouTube, since 2011. I’ll admit that I haven’t been a fan since then, lol, but I love them anyway. They’ve came a long way from YouTube to performing on this year’s Billboard Music Awards (you can see that Luke is so nervous, God):

I love music, but I’m not a musician, so I don’t know genres. I searched trying to find the word to describe their music, but in some places it’s written pop rock, in others pop punk, rock… I don’t really know.

For that reason (not only), here are some songs to let you have your own opinion:

And the one that is stuck in my head for a week now:


Now I’ll let you fall in love with them.



Listen: Parachute

Hi, everyone! Happy March! Let it bring good energies.

Today I bring you another musical recommendation.

This is Parachute. They are an American pop rock band that have been touring and promoting their music since 2006. And by they, I mean: Will Anderson (vocals, guitar, piano)Johnny Stubblefield (drums), Alex Hargrave (bass), Kit French (saxophones, keyboards, vocals) and Nate McFarland (guitar, vocals).

They have 3 albums now, and they’re all worth listening. They are Losing Sleep (2009), The Way It Was (2011) and Overnight (2013).

I really like them and think they deserve a lot more than they have right now. I discovered them in 2011, I’d say, and, well, I’ve been following them since then ’til now. I’m excited for what they will have next!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HiRnS4k2Vw ]

This song is my baby. It was the first one that stuck on my head, and I love it ’til now.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0pbW-fUWLI ]

Okay. This one is like the only song that makes me cry (not really, lol, I’m such a sentimental), but it is beautiful. It is worth listening paying attention to the lyrics and, well, just let your tears roll.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuObDo3gO1Y ]

And, lastly, this one is from the new album and I don’t even have more compliments for them.


This is it for today, hope you like them!