Marie Kondo and my room

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about organization! You might know I love organization, but I never seem to have my bedroom organized. So, when I heard about Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever, I was interested. The book itself is very easy to read and understand, and reading it made me really excited about tidying my room!

In this post, I am giving you the best parts of the book (I am translating from Portuguese, so it might not be exactly as the English version) and also showing you my bedroom, so I can later on show it after applying the Konmari method of tidying up!

  • Organization is a tool, not the final goal. Your goal should be to adopt a new lifestyle after your house is organized.
  • The best way to sort what stays and what goes is to hold each item and ask: “Does this bring me joy?”. If the answer is affirmative, keep it. Otherwise, throw it away.
  • Before choosing what to keep, gather everything that falls into the same category. Take them from the closet and put them in the same place. […] When you put everything together, you can compare similar items, making it easier to choose which ones to keep.
  • Start with clothing, then books, documents, random items and, in the end, items with sentimental value.
  • I recommend dividing clothes in the following subcategories: tops, bottoms, clothes that hang (blazers etc), socks, lingerie, bags, accessories, special occasion (bikini, uniform), shoes.
  • The most important thing is to decide what to keep, not what to throw away. Which pieces will bring you joy if kept in your life?
  • If there are too many books to put on the floor at the same time, separate them in four categories: general (books for fun), practice (reference, recipes), visual (photography), magazines.
  • My basic principle for sorting papers is throwing everything away. […] After all, they never bring us joy. That’s why I recommend throwing everything that doesn’t fit into one of these categories away: what’s being used right now, what will be needed for a determined amount of time and what we need to keep forever.
  • Papers should be organized into two categories: ones that need attention (bills to pay, letters to be answered etc) and ones we need to keep (documents, contracts, payed bills, warrants and manuals). […] Only the “keep” category should be divided into “rarely used” and “frequently used”.
  • [About random items] The basic order is this: CDs and DVDs, beauty products, make up, accessories, documents, electronic devices, house utility (stationary, sewing kits etc), house reserves (medicine, detergent, tissues etc), kitchen items and food, others.
  • As you organize your house and reduce your belongings, you’ll find out what are your deepest values and what really matters in your life. However, the “reduction” and the “storing method” shouldn’t be your focus.
  • The decision about which objects to keep is, in reality, a definition of what lifestyle you want to live. The addiction to the past and fear of the future rule not only the way you sort your belongings, but also how you relate to people and work.
  • The best way to figure out what we truly want is getting rid of what we don’t want.
  • I can’t imagine greater happiness than being surrounded by things I love. To reach this state, all you have to do is get rid of what doesn’t make you feel like that. There is no easier way of happiness. What other name could be given to the effect caused by organization than “magic of tidying”?

Now we let’s check my room before tidying it up!

This is what you see from the door:thumb_IMG_2438_1024

Behind the door:thumb_IMG_2450_1024

Under the shelves behind the door:thumb_IMG_2451_1024


In front of my bed:thumb_IMG_2449_1024

In front of my bed pt 2:thumb_IMG_2448_1024

My desk:thumb_IMG_2446_1024

“Under” the desk:thumb_IMG_2453_1024

More desk:thumb_IMG_2445_1024

My shelves:thumb_IMG_2444_1024

My shelves pt 2:thumb_IMG_2443_1024

Under the shelves (behind the keyboard you can see in the next photo):thumb_IMG_2454_1024



Bathroom:    thumb_IMG_2455_1024

Under the sink:thumb_IMG_2456_1024

Let’s see how different it will be when I’m done organizing it with the Konmari method!




Discovering L.A. through pictures

I just got back from my very short trip to Los Angeles, California, United States of America. I went there to meet up with my dad, who went to New York and then to L.A. It was a very short trip – I spent four days there -, but I feel like I did a lot.

The day I got there, I went to Troye Sivan’s concert!!! It was so so SO amazing. Maybe the best concert I’ve ever been to, no joke (not that I’ve been to too many). I was so close to the stage, I could see him perfectly, hear him – almost – perfectly (I was too close to the big stereos, so sometimes I would only hear the beat) and… FREAKING HALSEY WAS THERE AND SANG WITH HIM. Like, what are the odds that one of my favorite artists would be at one of my other favorite artists’ concert? ALMOST ZERO BUT IT HAPPENED. I will be posting concert footage in my YouTube channel some time soon 😉

But what I actually wanted to talk about was… Los Angeles. Not Troye’s concert (even though I could go on about it forever). For a while now, I’ve been building this aversion against L.A. and, if you ask me, I can’t really explain you why. It’s just not one of my favorite cities. But, don’t kill me yet, I feel like that is because I’ve never truly experienced Los Angeles, with a true Californian, so I didn’t have the chance to fall in love with it like people who live there do.

So, if you live in and/or love California, please let me know the good stuff to do there! This time, as I spent a very short amount of days there, I didn’t do much (specially because I spent half the time with my uncle/cousins that live there, but inside their houses). But, one day, me and my dad took the afternoon (which lead to the night) to just drive and take pictures around the city. This is the result (yes, I am wearing Troye’s concert t-shirt).









I might still have a little thing against Los Angeles, but I cannot deny: they have beautiful places – from walls to landscape – where one can’t not take a picture.

My Turquoise Hair

thumb_IMG_8574_1024 copy2


I dyed the ends of my hair turquoise! Or however you call this color. I don’t know for how long I’ve wanted to do this. Probably for over a year. But it started happening around October 2015. I am so so so happy! I am loving how my hair looks now (more pictures as the post goes), but it was definitely a journey to get it to this point. And that is what I am telling you in this post.

So… October 2015. I knew I wanted to dye my hair colorful, but it was the first time I was doing anything like this alone at home, so I didn’t know much about anything. I spent a whole month trying to convince my mom to let me dye my hair, and she finally gave in when I told her that I would dye it and then chop the colorful ends off after a while.

Then the process began. Firstly, I had to discolor/bleach my hair, as I have dark black hair, so no color would show. We went to a small perfumery near our house and bought ‘blue powder’ and developer (se você é do Brasil, eu usei esse pó azul e emulsão reveladora 30 vol. da Acquaflora e segui as instruções para criar o “creme” para descolorir).

The bleaching process was probably the easiest part. I took small pieces of aluminum foil and wrapped small strands of hair in those right after applying the bleach. I think I left my hair like that for around 20 minutes. After that, I opened the foil and applied the bleach again, but this time going up around 2cm more towards the roots and letting it sit for more 20 minutes, so I would end up with a gradient of black to brunette to blond, instead of a line from black to blond. Maybe you can understand better what I did by watching this video (I tried to follow the bleaching part, but I did not dye my hair as she did).


Well. Remember I said I was waiting for so long to dye my hair and was super excited? That excitement backfired when I didn’t wait around and looked for the best dye for what I wanted. I just bought one I found and hoped for the best. I used one of those red/purple dyes you find on pharmacies. Then, it was no surprise when my hair ended up a dark red color, pretty natural and not what I was looking for.


From that to now (literally four days ago), I didn’t touch my hair (chemically speaking). It was dry and damaged from the bleaching and the dying, so I decided to let the color fade ’til it got to blond again so I could try again.

So… middle of January. I had my graduation trip to Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, here in Brazil. As I knew I was going to be exposed to the sun, I decided to use something that would lighten my hair (that was already a dark/strawberry blond). So while I was there – a week – I used the John Frieda Sheer Blond spray. It did work and lightened my hair color, but I don’t know if it was the spray or the chloride of the pool there or the combination of both, but my hair was really dry and damaged. Again. When I got back, I just started using a hair BB Cream from L’Oreal, I think, and it seems to be getting better.

So… four days ago. I went with my mom to another, bigger, perfumery and found the dye my friend had told me about! I was so excited and got right back into the ‘I want to dye my hair’ mentality. This time, I bought a blue/purple ‘cream’ that supposedly takes off the yellow after you bleach your hair and leaves your hair whiter. And, of course, I got the dye (which I’ll be calling dye but it actually more like a toner). It was the Keraton Hard Colors in Diesel Green.

  1. I bleached my hair again. I did the same thing of applying the bleaching, wrapping strands in aluminum foil, letting it sit for 20 minutes, opening the foil, going up with the bleach about 2 cm and letting it sit for more 20 minutes.
  2. I then used the blue ‘cream’ to take off the yellow for around 30 minutes (after I used it for 5 and 15 minutes without noticing a difference). I still don’t know if it did much, but I think there was a little difference. Also it hydrated my hair, which was good.
  3. I finally did the dying! By the way, all of this happened in 4 days, so I didn’t do everything on the same day. And I literally dyed my hair yesterday at 11pm.

thumb_IMG_8583_1024 copy

So, the dying part. I think I just followed the instructions on the box. I washed my hair only with shampoo, dried it, applied a small amount first to pre-pigment the hair, dried it again, applied a lot of the dye and let it sit for 40 minutes (instead of 20-30 as suggested in the box). A big plus other than leaving my hair in a pretty color was that the dye hydrated my hair! I then washed it normally and let it air dry because, you know, it is dry and damaged right now – but nothing I can’t deal with.

thumb_IMG_8520_1024 copy

I am seriously so happy it worked out! I love this color and I love how it looks and I love everything. I know that it will fade fast, but I am not really caring right now. And I have a lot of the product left, so I can reapply it if I feel like it.


I think that is it for this post! If you have any doubts please comment them down below and I’ll try my best to answer. As I said, it was the first time doing such a thing, so… yeah.