My Turquoise Hair

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I dyed the ends of my hair turquoise! Or however you call this color. I don’t know for how long I’ve wanted to do this. Probably for over a year. But it started happening around October 2015. I am so so so happy! I am loving how my hair looks now (more pictures as the post goes), but it was definitely a journey to get it to this point. And that is what I am telling you in this post.

So… October 2015. I knew I wanted to dye my hair colorful, but it was the first time I was doing anything like this alone at home, so I didn’t know much about anything. I spent a whole month trying to convince my mom to let me dye my hair, and she finally gave in when I told her that I would dye it and then chop the colorful ends off after a while.

Then the process began. Firstly, I had to discolor/bleach my hair, as I have dark black hair, so no color would show. We went to a small perfumery near our house and bought ‘blue powder’ and developer (se você é do Brasil, eu usei esse pó azul e emulsão reveladora 30 vol. da Acquaflora e segui as instruções para criar o “creme” para descolorir).

The bleaching process was probably the easiest part. I took small pieces of aluminum foil and wrapped small strands of hair in those right after applying the bleach. I think I left my hair like that for around 20 minutes. After that, I opened the foil and applied the bleach again, but this time going up around 2cm more towards the roots and letting it sit for more 20 minutes, so I would end up with a gradient of black to brunette to blond, instead of a line from black to blond. Maybe you can understand better what I did by watching this video (I tried to follow the bleaching part, but I did not dye my hair as she did).


Well. Remember I said I was waiting for so long to dye my hair and was super excited? That excitement backfired when I didn’t wait around and looked for the best dye for what I wanted. I just bought one I found and hoped for the best. I used one of those red/purple dyes you find on pharmacies. Then, it was no surprise when my hair ended up a dark red color, pretty natural and not what I was looking for.


From that to now (literally four days ago), I didn’t touch my hair (chemically speaking). It was dry and damaged from the bleaching and the dying, so I decided to let the color fade ’til it got to blond again so I could try again.

So… middle of January. I had my graduation trip to Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, here in Brazil. As I knew I was going to be exposed to the sun, I decided to use something that would lighten my hair (that was already a dark/strawberry blond). So while I was there – a week – I used the John Frieda Sheer Blond spray. It did work and lightened my hair color, but I don’t know if it was the spray or the chloride of the pool there or the combination of both, but my hair was really dry and damaged. Again. When I got back, I just started using a hair BB Cream from L’Oreal, I think, and it seems to be getting better.

So… four days ago. I went with my mom to another, bigger, perfumery and found the dye my friend had told me about! I was so excited and got right back into the ‘I want to dye my hair’ mentality. This time, I bought a blue/purple ‘cream’ that supposedly takes off the yellow after you bleach your hair and leaves your hair whiter. And, of course, I got the dye (which I’ll be calling dye but it actually more like a toner). It was the Keraton Hard Colors in Diesel Green.

  1. I bleached my hair again. I did the same thing of applying the bleaching, wrapping strands in aluminum foil, letting it sit for 20 minutes, opening the foil, going up with the bleach about 2 cm and letting it sit for more 20 minutes.
  2. I then used the blue ‘cream’ to take off the yellow for around 30 minutes (after I used it for 5 and 15 minutes without noticing a difference). I still don’t know if it did much, but I think there was a little difference. Also it hydrated my hair, which was good.
  3. I finally did the dying! By the way, all of this happened in 4 days, so I didn’t do everything on the same day. And I literally dyed my hair yesterday at 11pm.

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So, the dying part. I think I just followed the instructions on the box. I washed my hair only with shampoo, dried it, applied a small amount first to pre-pigment the hair, dried it again, applied a lot of the dye and let it sit for 40 minutes (instead of 20-30 as suggested in the box). A big plus other than leaving my hair in a pretty color was that the dye hydrated my hair! I then washed it normally and let it air dry because, you know, it is dry and damaged right now – but nothing I can’t deal with.

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I am seriously so happy it worked out! I love this color and I love how it looks and I love everything. I know that it will fade fast, but I am not really caring right now. And I have a lot of the product left, so I can reapply it if I feel like it.


I think that is it for this post! If you have any doubts please comment them down below and I’ll try my best to answer. As I said, it was the first time doing such a thing, so… yeah.




Glam Nails

Hi, everybody!

I couldn’t come up with a better name for the nails, but they are kind of glam really. Anyways, here they are:


IMG_2002I first painted two coats of black polish on all nails with the exception of the ring finger. On that one, I used a gold/silver (I don’t really know) polish, but, truly, I wanted a color that would look more like the little stone I glued on.

IMG_2003Then I took this random nail art kit that I got years ago and never used, and picked  the stone I wanted. Then, I went over the nails with a third coat and while that was still pretty wet, I glued on the stone with that little pick.

IMG_2001After that was pretty much dried (so the stone doesn’t move), I went over with a generous layer of top coat to keep everything good and fixed.


I hope you like nail related things and, if you do, let me know so I can start doing more of these 🙂



My Night Routine (after a school day)

Hi, everyone!

Today I bring you my night routine! I’ve never done anything like this, but I always watch these videos on YouTube so I thought it would be fun to make a post about mine. Here we go:

IMG_1315First thing I do, after getting some lunch (I get home from school at 1pm), is get my hair up. I don’t know what it is about it, but it makes me feel better and it’s part of the routine now.

IMG_1318Then I take off the makeup I had for the day (usually only foundation, concealer and powder) with Bioderma, which I just bought and am already in love with.

IMG_1323I then proceed to doing my homework because I like to be productive, but tbh I stay around 2 hours with a Word document open, for example, but only work on it for 30 minutes. I get too distracted by the internet and there’s nothing I can do about it.

IMG_1322But, after I’m done with my homework, I can go on the internet without any guilt. I watch a lot of YouTube videos (in the picture, I’m watching the footage I got from the Ed Sheeran concert I went in London), go on blogs, waste time on Facebook and go on Tumblr.

IMG_1852I basically do nothing until dinner time and, after it, I take a shower and put on my pijamas (aka my favorite part of any day). One thing I forgot to say before: I’m not one of those who get home and change into extremely comfortable clothes, I just don’t care about it. Of course, if I’m wearing a terribly uncomfortable one, I’ll change, but it usually doesn’t bother me.

IMG_1853Skincare time! I wash my face with the Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser (which you can use as a mask too), tone it and then moisturize it with the Adcos products. Tbh I don’t know if there are Adcos products outside of Brazil, but they did wonders to my skin since I started using them.

IMG_1854After that, I’ll brush my teeth, use a lip balm (this one is a EOS one), take off my contacts and put on my glasses.

IMG_1855After that, I lay in bed and read a book (or the option below). This one is ‘The Infinite Sea’, by Rick Yancey, the sequel from ‘The 5th Wave’. I loved the first one from the series and am enjoying this one so far.

IMG_1856Or I’ll watch some Netflix if I’m not in the mood for reading. Right now I’m watching ‘Suits’ and it’s amazing! I’m obsessed with it – I finished the first season in a day. Yep.


So yeah, that is it for a normal day during the time I have school. When I’m on vacations, my schedule is so inconsistent that I can’t find a routine in them.

Hope you liked this! If you want more routines, let me know.