Salvador Dali Exhibition

Hello, everyone!

A while ago, I went to this exhibition of some of Dali’s work and I took some pictures. I plugged my phone in my computer, synced the photos and completely forgot about them, as I delete them from my phone because I have no space left in it. More recently, I went through my iPhoto library and found them! So I decided to share.

It’s actually ironic, because I’ve just studied surrealism in school. But this is just a curiosity.

Unfortunately, if you’re from São Paulo and want to visit it after seen this, it’s no longer here because I’m a terrible blogger and forget to post about things I’ve planned. Sorry (Mas tem um link aqui que conta sobre o Dali e sobre a exposição! Em português).

Anyways, let’s get past that and get into the photos. Enjoy!

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Chubby Disney Princesses

Hi, people!

Today I’m bringing you some illustrations made by a brazilian artist (like me! Well, the brazilian part, not the artist) and they’re probably the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. The artist is Edull and here is his Facebook page.

Here is his little bio.


Let’s check those chubby princesses illustrations!

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Sakimi Chan and the Disney gender-bend

Hi, everybody!

Sakimi Chan is a canadian artist and she has a collection of art where some of the Disney have their genders swapped. Check them out:

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