Starting the new year!


I’m a lot happier today than I was in my last post. Since then, I have seen my ENEM (a national test) scores and they are not bad! I might be able to get in a really good school and course (since here in Brazil we choose a course and see different universities, instead of choosing an university and adapting into a course there – which I’ve felt is kind of more like the case in the US (sorry if I’m wrong))! Moreover, I am done with the entrance tests I had for another university. I have absolutely no clue how I did, but hope is the last one to die, right?

Anyways, since I am finally done studying, I can say that I’m on vacations! This is my summer vacation and I already lost one a half month of the two months we have, but, oh well, let’s make the most of the time I have left.

Today was my first day with no studying or doing tests, so, obviously, I had to clean my room. Please don’t judge me, but every beginning of year I just throw random papers, reorganize shelves, clean up everything etc. I still haven’t gone through my closet – and I’m really excited about sorting through my clothing because I always take out a LOT of pieces and I also remember amazing things I forgot I had -, but I have done my desk, my shelves and my walls. Yeah, I took down all the wall décor I had and remade everything. Well, part of it, because I loved the cleaner look without posters and all on the walls.

Entering my room now, after this clean up, is refreshing. I lit up a candle, opened the windows so some air would get in and played some music. The room is a lot more open, clear and brighter, in a way.

I watched a video today on YouTube – I don’t remember which one – and the girl said she loved cleaning and, also, no one regrets taking time to clean. Like, have you ever said “oh, I wish I hadn’t cleaned my room”? Yeah, guessed not.

So yeah. 2016 finally started for me and it started well! I’m so happy right now and I wish I remain this way throughout the year.

Take care, with love,



Author: danielakang

I'm that person who thinks it's impossible to describe herself in a sentence, 200 words description, text, story, minutes or days. But hello, my name is Daniela and I made this blog when I was 16.

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